His Mercy Is Our Security

We all experience trials…struggles.  Some of them are outside of us: something happens to us: we lose someone we love, a relationship falls apart, our finances crumble).  Oftentimes (and often as a result) there is a struggle inside of us. Inside we are deeply troubled, at war even with ourselves. 

No one is exempt from this. 

In fact, being a believer in Jesus proposes a unique kind of trial or struggle. The Apostle John shows us that there is a sort of “trial” within all of us.  He likens it to our heart being the accuser, we ourselves as the defendant, and God as the judge.  John is showing us that God, who has an even greater knowledge of us than we have of ourselves, is also, ironically, more merciful to us that we are toward ourselves. 

Listen in as explore what what ultimately gives us a tranquil heart, and what freedoms come with this tranquility. 

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