When Transformation Proceeds Our Habits

It’s so easy for us to think that habits are what produce transformation, because in so many areas of life, they do!  Think of someone changing their eating habits and losing an amazing amount of weight.  Think of someone over-hauling their financial habits to eliminate debt and prepare for retirement.  In the Bible, habits are important.  Really important.  They are where the rubber hits the road.  And in many places in the Bible they are the means to genuine transformation of our character (Romans 6:1-14).  But the Bible’s approach to transformation is not that one-sided or simple.  In fact, Jesus’ closest disciple tells us, that transformation actually precedes our habits. That our new life with all it’s energy, and hope and habits, actually flow from first, experiencing the deep inner change that only the gospel can produce.  Listen in as we explore how Jesus changes us first, and then gives us new habits second!

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