Growing In Our Love For One Another

What resource could we possibly draw on to love others the way the Bible tells us to?  People are demanding, fussy, unappreciative, and unpredictable.  They can be kind one moment, and hurtful the next.  If we look to those we are loving for reciprocation, or acknowledgement of our love, our love tanks will quickly run dry.  No, we need a source of love that is boundless. We need a love that is constantly filling us up, reminding us of how much we are loved, so that we can love others as well.  This is the tension and the progression of 1John 2:7-14.  It calls us to love one another, but only, or perhaps in light of, God’s love for us.  
Listen in as we explore how loving others is really only possible to the extent that we are taking in God’s love for us.
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