Christmas Isn’t About Having It All Together

Less than two weeks until Christmas…
How does that statement make you feel?
What does it do to your blood pressure?
What things go through your mind?

If there is ever a time when we feel the pressure to “have it all pulled together” it’s during Christmas season. You are making plans with your family. You are planning meals, buying food, making food. You need to have a small fortune to buy gifts for everyone, and the time to do it.

It’s so easy to translate this pressure we feel during the Christmas season onto God himself. But that’s not what Christmas is about. Christmas isn’t about having it all together. It’s about God sending his Son because we didn’t have it all together, and still don’t.

As we continue on through 1 John, we look at the astounding claim we make as Christians during this time of year: we don’t have it all together. John will show us that this isn’t only the truth, it’s what sets us free.

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Alvadore Christian Church
Alvadore Christian Church
Christmas Isn't About Having It All Together

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