Making God’s Word our Inner Voice

I can still hear my dad’s voice in my head, “Rule number one, don’t hurt yourself or anyone else! Rule number two, don’t fall in. Rule number three, obey rules one and two.” Or the voice from my Grandpa, “Remember son, every day to put on a clean shirt and do your best.” Or, one of my coaches, “You guys all know that second place is the first loser!”

What people say to us is powerful. I’m convinced that all of us are in some way living out of our “inner voice” or “inner voices”. Most of the decisions we make, the reason we do something a certain way, are in many ways shaped by those who have shaped us with their words.

This week we explore the powerful truth that Jesus also had an “inner voice”. His inner voice was the Old Testament scriptures. At nearly every turn in his life, he draws on the wisdom and power of God’s Word to direct him. If we’re going to follow Jesus and become like him, then we would do well to consider how and why we might make God’s Word our inner voice.

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