Working Our Faith Into Our Habits

Working our Faith Into Our Habits
How many things do you do throughout the day without even thinking about it? Do you think about how to drive your car? If it’s a manual transmission, do you think about how far to push the clutch pedal in, when to give it gas, when it’s time to switch gears? Unless you just began driving, my guess is that making your morning commute was like second nature.

But do you remember when you first were learning how to drive, how hard and uncomfortable it was? How did you go from feeling that way to not even having to think about it? The answer is: practice. You practiced until it simply became a habit.

Habits are what we need to talk about when it comes to following Jesus. Our life of walking with Jesus rises or falls on our habits. Following Jesus isn’t about trying and hoping it all comes together. It’s about training and planning on it happening. The only way for this to occur is if we work the following of Jesus into our habits.

Listen in as we explore the power of habits and how habits in the Bible exists to re-enforce who we are in Christ until we come to a place where it is second nature to walk in Jesus’ footsteps.

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