Sow Generously / Listen Carefully

Have you ever wanted more than anything for someone to just listen to you? Maybe you were talking with one of your children or grandchildren about something very important, something that would save them years of heartache and pain. And while you were talking to them you could tell that they were hearing you, but they really weren’t listening. If so, you’re in good company with Jesus.

In Mark 4, Jesus is at a point in his ministry when there are lots of people who are hearing him, but not that many who are truly listening. So what does he do? He “sifts” those who are listening to him from those who are just hearing him. He does this by teaching in parables. A parable is a short little story that does 2 things: reveal and conceal. It reveals the truth about what Jesus is doing if you really want to know more, and it conceals it from you if you do not.

The story of the sower and the soils is a very well known story about the nature of Jesus’ ministry…and ours as well! Listen in (if you really want to hear!) for what can be learned as a sower and as a soil.

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