The Magnificent Middle of The Story

What would you say is in the “middle” of your life story? You know, the thing that you look to to hold it all together? Is it your marriage of 35 years? Is it your career at the same company? Is it your children, and grandchildren? Is it something you wish wasn’t the center? The Divorce. The repeated history of losing your job. The illness that won’t go away.

As we take our third vantage point on the resurrection of Jesus, we find something amazing…we find that the resurrection of Jesus isn’t the end of the story, it’s the middle! It’s the center that the Old Testament was leading up to it, and is the center that the New Testament flows from.

Luke’s Vantage point illustrates this well. He positions Jesus’ resurrection at the end of his gospel account, but at the beginning of his story of the church. The resurrection is the magnificent middle of the story!

What we find consistently throughout the history of the church, is that when someone begins to trust Jesus, the center of their story changes. No longer is is their career, their marriage, their health, or the divorce that is central. They are still there, and they are real, but they aren’t central. All of those important details that are all seen through the resurrection as the center of their story.

Listen in as we explore the strange new wonder of how Jesus’ resurrection is the middle of the story.

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The Magnificent Middle of The Story

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