For The Remarriage of Heaven and Earth

Praying the Lord’s prayer is like praying in the confusing excitement of being engaged to be remarried after suffering from a long and painful divorce.
That’s the storyline that Jesus invites us into with the phrase, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” The painful fact about ourselves and our world is that we are living in the midst of a great divorce – the divorce of heaven and earth. We are thus praying for its eventual re-marriage where God takes the two things that belong together (heaven and earth) and re-unites them at last. This is the storyline that Jesus saw himself at the center of, and this is the storyline he invites us into. Listen in as we wrestle with just what it means to say these incredible words in prayer.

Alvadore Christian Church
For The Remarriage of Heaven and Earth

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