The Only Thing More Dangerous Than Thinking You’re a Failure

Do you ever feel like a failure? Maybe over the years you’ve felt like a failed spouse, a failed parent, or a failed business owner. It’s not all bad to feel like a failure in these areas, because we often are! What’s dangerous is if we stay in that place – stay thinking we’re a failure…stay knowing we’re a failure.

I cringe when my kids say things like, “I can’t do that…I”ll never be able to do that!” I cringe because I know that if they stay in that place it will be deeply detrimental to their eventual flourishing. I know it’s a dangerous place for them, or for any of us to be for too long.

But the Bible says there is actually something more dangerous than thinking you’re a failure: Becoming a Success! What?! Yes, becoming successful can actually be more dangerous than thinking you’re a failure. Think about all the people who win the lottery and are bankrupt in 3 years. Think of all the people who “make it” to the pros and their lives fall apart.

This week we look at the third part of Gideon’s life in Judges 8, where he moves from failure to success. We’ll look at why its more dangerous to become successful than think where a failure, and what we can do to neutralize those dangers. Listen in!

Alvadore Christian Church
Alvadore Christian Church
The Only Thing More Dangerous Than Thinking You're a Failure

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