Grace in Our Disobedience and our Struggling Obedience

The story of Judges 6 is a story or grace.

The first part shows us that God is gracious to us when we are drowning in the consequences of our disobedience to Him. We need to hear that. His grace doesn’t wait until we have our lives pulled together. His grace doesn’t even wait until we repent of our old life and make a resolution to follow Him! Paul writes in Romans 5 that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly”! Wow.

The second part focuses on God’s grace toward us when we’re struggling to rise to his high calling in our lives. God doesn’t just save us from the consequences of our disobedience, he gives us a high calling to fulfill for his glory! Fulfilling his high calling is no walk in the park, it’s a “high” calling. We often struggle to rise to it don’t we? We struggle to fulfill his calling as a parent, grandparent, spouse, manager, business owner, minister, etc… Judges 6 says that God is gracious to us and helps assure us along the way to fulfilling his high calling in our lives.

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