Engaged In a Process

What does it take to go from the life you have to having the life you’ve always wanted? You might be tempted into thinking that the answer is hard work or effort. Effort certainly has it’s place in this process, but we need something far more invasive and compelling than effort. We need vision. We need vision that captivates us and moves us to making a decision. And if we decide to pursue that vision, we’ll need practices, which, if steadily engaged in, will ensure we will reach our goal.

There is no secret to this approach. It’s the “open secret” to anyone who seeks transformation of any kind. To use Dallas Willard’s language, we need vision, intention, and means.

When we read scripture we see an amazing thing. We see that the life we’ve always wanted, has actually already broken into the lives we have. We see that in Jesus, we are already experiencing the life we’ve always wanted, and God always intended. What remains to be seen, is if we will see it to maturity, to fruition.

Listen in as explore the dynamics of engaging this process to produce lasting change.

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